Monday, 16 May 2016

Nishi Fuyuhiko: Movie Director and creator of ‘Kuro Obi World’

I had a the pleasure of meeting Director Nishi Fuyuhiko San, on the weekend, at the JKA Oita Seminar in Hiji (which was conducted Hashiguchi Yuji Sensei).
Photo courtesy of Nishi Fuyuhiko - Kuro Obi World:
In sum, Nishi San really is a super nice guy, he has a great perspective about Budo Karate (and Martial Arts in general), and is an extremely talented cinematographer. 

For those of you who haven’t seen his work, especially those who are karateka (or interested in any form of Budo/Martial Arts), you really are missing out. He is doing great stuff for Budo Karate. Accordingly, I highly recommend the documentaries and movies he has made.

For more information, check out Nishi San’s fantastic ‘Kuro Obi World’ site:

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